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  • Navigate: Encouraging Healthy Missional Momentum

    Navigate: Encouraging Healthy Missional Momentum

    The purpose of Navigate is to help established churches find their way to becoming healthy and missional in a rapidly changing world. This is accomplished by the Holy Spirit empowering congregations as they walk the Congregational Vitality Pathway together. Navigate represents a communal approach to vitality. Learn more about Navigate here.

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  • Navigate: Dan & Brent

    Navigate: Dan & Brent

    Dan & Brent share about their experience in being part of Navigate.

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  • Navigate Overview

    Navigate Overview

    Each year churches across the ECC are invited by their regional conference to become a part of Navigate. Navigate is a ministry resource experience designed for either stable or critical moment churches who are already moving toward healthy missional. These churches also have a vision, intention, and means (VIM) score that is already on the rise, with a healthy missional pastor and healthy missional lay leadership team in place. Navigate is a “one-two-three” sequence consisting of one North American gathering, two […]

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