Thursday Evening Message, Efrem Smith

Efrem Smith preaches Wednesday evening during the 2011 Covenant Annual Meeting in Estes Park, Colorado.



  1. Laura Shafer says:

    Thank You so much for speaking the truths we need to hear. God is the one to give us our 2nd wind. Amen

  2. Dirk Pepperd says:

    I saw Pastor Smith when I was helping a friend of mine, Delegate Ed Dobbin work on some of the video. He does an awesome sermon! 🙂

  3. Gary Martin says:

    What a blessing to hear Pastor Smith’s message which closed by his pointng out our desparate need for a “Second Wind” — Yes, I feel a real need for one in my life.

    Thank you Pastor Smith for your zeal. And, may God fill us with His Holy Spirit to go out and share the love of Christ to all those around us.

  4. James Williams says:

    I am African American and I am considering the possibility of becoming Evangelical Covenant. Brother Smith’s message has inspired me greatly. I want to attend your next conference. Praise God for your ministry and diversity.

  5. This is a on time message this morning, as it has reminded me why I became a Covenant Church.

  6. Mike Carrion says:

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Word !!!!

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