Friday Evening Message, Labib Madanat

Labib Madanat preaches Friday evening during the 2012 Covenant Annual Meeting in Irvine, California.



  1. Safy Jacob says:

    Labib, man of God, my friend , my brother, you have blessed my life for many years, I am thankful that the time has come that you can come and bless all my ECC family.

  2. Jorge Garcia says:

    timely prophetic word to each one of us. Islam is not a threat is an opportunity!
    sorry I missed it!
    God bless brother Labib and all those with a heart for Muslims.

  3. Grace W Heinrich says:

    Thank you to Labib for the challenge you have presented.

  4. Keith Foisy says:

    i’m glad to belong to a denomination bold enough to proclaim this kind of message! i’m sad that we need to be confronted by such message…but we do.

  5. Melvin says:

    You say you love me? … Love my people.
    Awesome Message, may we love the Hispanic community even more.

  6. John Tanagho says:

    Thank you so much Labib for this inspiring and prophetic message! We really needed to hear it. I shared it with my family living in Cairo, Egypt who plan on staying there no matter what.

    – An Egyptian Christian.

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