CHIC Living Reflections (Monday Post-Service)

Reflections during CHIC 2012 following the Monday evening session with Bianca Juarez on Monday evening, July 16, in Knoxville, Tennessee.



  1. Katie says:

    Great words! Powerful testimonies of God at work!

  2. Lori Venn says:

    Thank you sooooooo much for reporting! I was so excited to see what is going on at CHIC. My daughter is there with Evangelical Covenant Church/Springfield, Massachusetts. What a blessing for us that you are sharing what is going on and in turn i have shared with facebook friends and family, as alot of them have supported this mission!

  3. Lynn Altmayer says:

    These videos have been so rewarding to watch. I can see the development of the Holy Spirit throughout this experience. I am praying for Stoneridge Covenant Church youth group and leaders! My awesome daughter is with them and I know God will speak to these kids in a significant way this week. Thanks for your work on these videos!

  4. Mark and Terri Anderson says:

    Just wanted to send greetings to Josh Havens from Rockford, Illinois! SO fun to see you on the report too! Say hi to our son Lars if you happen to meet him there from us! You guys are doing an awesome job. Luke…..we love staying connected through you!!!!!!! It is Tuesday, and I can’t wait to watch tonight’s live report!!!!!!!

    • Dan Johnson says:

      Hi Mark and Terri,

      Our Rachel and Josiah are at CHIC. Hope Lars is having a wonderful time. With Love, Dan and Sylvia Johnson, Pittsburgh, PA

  5. Chris Vittorio says:

    Me in the white. i was totally freakin out when this happened. First Covenant Youngstown.

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