CHIC Living Reflections (Tuesday Post-Service)

Reflections during CHIC 2012 following the Tuesday evening session with Francis Chan and Skillet on Tuesday evening, July 17, in Knoxville, Tennessee.



  1. Shelley says:

    Still looking for the Grace Covenant group from Little Falls, MN!! They were first in line for Skillet last night – thought we might see them in pre-show video – but no pre-show video tonight. Great job, Luke!!

  2. Amy Swanson says:

    Hey Luke and CHIC TV staff ~ My daughter is there as a 15-year old, for the first time @ CHIC. It’s been so enlightening to watch these post-service videos to get a small sense of what she is experiencing. Her church group – Salem Covenant from New Brighton, MN ~ is there soaking up every minute of the week of blessings. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for working to share CHIC with those of us who wait, pray and send our best to our kids, far from home. You guys ROCK and know that what you do makes a huge difference to us back at “home base”. A shout out to our precious daughter . . . we miss her terribly but know that God is reaching her in ways that will change her life. Blessings on you all!

    • admin says:

      Amy, thanks so much for your encouragement…we’re so glad to be able to bring this coverage to all of those supporting our young people as they experience this time together!

  3. Patsy Stockham says:

    AMEN Amy! our daughter is also 15 year old first timer to CHIC. She is also new to the Covenant faith. We are hoping and praying she opens her heart to listen and be receptive to the message she is seeing and hearing every day.

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