Take One: Compassion, Mercy, and Justice Resource Paper

Donn Engebretson served as moderator of a five-member panel that explored the second Covenant Resource Paper on the topic of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice that will go before the 126th Annual Meeting for a vote in June of 2011. The webcast served two purposes: 1) To help Covenant people engage with the content and teaching represented in this paper; 2) To help delegates to the Covenant Annual Meeting to prepare to vote on whether to adopt this paper as a Resource Paper for the Covenant Church. Viewers were be able to use a chat feature to pose questions for panelists to consider, offer observations, and interact with other viewers.

The purpose of this paper is to articulate a communal discernment of the ECC. It is intended to give guidance, definition, and substance to our desire to be a biblical people as we continue to develop ministries of compassion, mercy, and justice that are, we believe, vitally important to Jesus and consequently to us as well.


Transcript from Live Chat

Portions of this chat have been edited to make it clear and consise.

cov_church: welcome to our online viewers watching today…we’re glad you are here!
cov_church: if you have any questions or comments about the paper, please feel free to use this side-chat and we can relay them to our panelists
branoux: it’s streaming well here in Santa Barbara
AndrewDS: Thank you for this well thought out paper. My question is about a missing word.
branoux: Can we download the paper from somewhere?
cov_church: Andrew, if you have an editorial comment, you can email us at webster@covchurch.org.
cov_church: yes, you can download the draft through the link right below the video feed here
esparrman: Streaming well in Minneapolis as well.
cov_church: please feel free to share any questions you’d like the panelists to address here…if you have them.
branoux: Mark Olson commented that he sees a significance from a statement to :doing something” How does CJM and the paper get local churches “doing something?”
EricFilkin: streaming well in rockford, il
cov_church: thanks branoux…i’ve let donn know about your question
cov_church: anyone else?
singingstudent: IT question…I have a rotating dot circle on my screen…is it just catching up to live feed?
cov_church: yes, it is your connection buffering our live stream
singingstudent: thank you
singingstudent: Has much of the conversation touched on how we go about adressing systemic issues of justice?
Aaron J: I greatly appreciate this paper and am grateful for all the work put into it. My question is if we as a denomination are willing to apply “the paper” to our own denomination, not just communities.
cov_church: thanks aaron, we’ll have donn ask the panel
singingstudent: What are the specific ways the denomination will lead us in action toward addressing injustices…sining student is Mary Putera couldn’t get signed in using my name
cov_church: thanks Mary
singingstudent: I too greatly appreciate the paper a great deal especially our confessional stance
BErnest: Can you say something about the relationship to this conversation on justice with Dave Olson’s writing on “The Message and Mission of Jesus”. He says the second message of Jesus is “to destroy the power of Satan and deliver people from bondage” and the related mission as “To Fight the Decisive Battle with Satan, Triumphing through the Grave”. When get our hands dirty challenging evil and system of evil, Satan fights back. How will we as a Covenant support each other in this work with prayer, training, and steadfastness? We aren’t so much a suffering church anymore. How do we convince people that Jesus was serious about suffering on behalf of others?
cov_church: i will relay some of your question to the panel, BErnest
cjhoover: question for the panel – the history of cmj ministries in the Covenant has included our global/world mission ministries. How do you see the integration of CMJ and the Dept of World Mission?
cov_church: thanks cjhoover, we will ask the panel
singingstudent: As the ECC continues to move forward in Ethnic Diversity, where does the CMJ work bring us into conviction regarding entering into the suffering of First Nation peoples?
cov_church: that is a great question, Mary, i will relay it to the panel
singingstudent: tks
out east: I believe racism need be deconstructed in all of us, however should we relegate (in the paper) the early Swedish Missioners to “insularity” (p7). If so then are we seeing insularity all around us?
out east: thank you for this web cast, this is exactly the transparency the covenant needs to discourage modern insularity.
cov_church: thank you out east
cov_church: before the webcast wraps up, please be sure to use the links below to download the paper and discussion guide
cov_church: thank you for joining us during this discussion…
out east: God Bless!



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