Covenant Companion – May 2012 Feature

Klyne Snodgrass, professor of New Testament at North Park Theological Seminary, discusses his most recent article in the May issue of the Covenant Companion on Barnabas.


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  1. Robin Hurley says:

    This was a great interview that did a very good job of expanding on the original article. Would it be possible for Prof Snodgrass to do more articles on the New Testament? He is so approachable in his commentary I would imagine that he is a very sought after teacher and speaker within the Covenant. Perhaps I haven’t noticed other videos that accompany articles but I will be more alert to them in the future as this one was so good. Thanks! Wow wasn’t Barnabus an awesome guy? What an example for the rest of us that don’t feel that we have what it takes to be a Paul but do know how to encourage others.

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