“If Obama had lived in the hood” with Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander, author of,¬†The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, talks with Stan Friedman about “If Obama had lived in the hood.”

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  1. Kert Peterson says:

    People who have accepted Christ as their Savior don’t use or sell drugs. The issue is not drugs, or drug legalization, but rather God. Our ministry as Christians (followers of Christ) is to teach the saving Grace of God. Drugs are just a symptom of Satan’s work. Satan works among people of all races, both in and out of Government. Ms Alexander seems to be blaming the system, but she blames the wrong part of the system. She should be working to re-infuse the system with Christian values and principles, instead of letting the secular atheists continue spreading Satan’s work, and tearing down the very people she wants to help. God is the answer, not the legality of drugs, not the incarceration rate of any race. The secular atheists, who have all but won their war on Christianity in our Government, have destroyed the family unit. Until we rebuild the family unit as God has told us he wants it, and return our people to God’s will, the very people that Ms Alexander wants to help will still flounder on their way to the abyss.

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