What Does the Bible Say about Women in Ministry?

North Park Theological Seminary Professors Klyne Snodgrass, Professor of New Testament, and Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom, Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics, discuss Jesus’s view of women and the key biblical passages on women in ministry. This video was created for Exploring the Call, a discernment retreat for women exploring a call to ministry. Exploring the Call was developed for the 2013 conference of women of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Triennial XIV.

For more information on Women Ministries, please click here.


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  1. Keith Foisy says:

    This is a great video teaching. i’m splitting it up into topical sections and will be using it for a bible study at our church. i’ll be creating ppt discussion quotes and questions to go along with it. It will be 7 sessions. If anyone is interested in this please contact me at keithfoisy@gmail.com and i would be glad to share what i have for bible discussion and an iso for creating a sectioned off dvd. Great job! Well done.

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