Furthering the work in Congo

Ed Gilbreath interviews Lois Carlson-Bridges (widow of Dr. Paul Carlson), Meritt Sawyer (President and Executive Director of the Paul Carlson Partnership), and Renée Stearns (Volunteer Ambassador of World Vision) who share how the Evangelical Covenant Church has made key partnerships to make an impact in Africa.

To jump to the various parts in the interview, please click below:
1:12 – Lois on her late husband, Dr. Paul Carlson
3:22 – Meritt on what the Paul Carlson Partnership is doing
5:00 – Renée on how World Vision is partnering with the Evangelical Covenant Church
8:13 – Renée on why World Vision wants to work itself out of its’ job
9:07 – Lois answers how do we make a difference
10:50 – Meritt address the expectations of one whom gets involved with the Paul Carlson Partnership
13:22 – Renée talks about the small things that women can do to make a difference
15:54 – Renée speaks about the common thread of what brings all women together

Paul Carlson Partnership

Covenant Kids Congo


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  1. Paula says:

    Thank you Ed for such an impotent interview. PCP is vital for boots on the ground. Shout out to Portland, Maine church for breathing babies work.
    A special thank you to Lois, Merritt, and Renee.

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