Journey Toward Racial Righteousness

The department of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice along with the regional conferences of the Evangelical Covenant Church offer a number of pathways toward Racial Righteousness. The Sankofa journey, Journey to Mosaic, Journey to Mosaic Squared, and the Invitation to Racial Righteousness are all pathways that provide opportunities to grow into the Kingdom vision of Revelation 7:9 as we pursue the beloved community together.

Contact the Department of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice (773-907-3301 or or your conference office (


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  1. karen says:

    ASI sat and watched this video, it brought tears to my eyes. because what is being said is so true.We all belong to the same father. he gave his life for us all. And the world still thrives on color of people.Somepeople beleve that Jesus died only for certain cultures when in truth he died for us all.It breaks my heart that we can’t get along down here on this earth, but some thinks we can in heaven if we make it there.So I tell people if we can’t get along on earth we can’t do itheaven. We all have that chance now. I tell people when Jesus comes for his brid, whay ever we were doing upon his return that is what he wil find us doing. Now is the time for us to come together in Godly love and get right while we are still alive and God continues to renew his mercies daily.We need to learn to gathermercies like gathering eggs.When I look at people I see soulS. My brothers and sisters in christ.

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