Just Women Introduction

This 19-minute video is for groups of any kind that want to learn more about Just Women, the current Women Ministries project. In it, Meagan Gillan provides a description of the project and how it can impact our churches and communities. She also offers some insights from Acts 16 where we meet Lydia, the seller of purple and the inspirational figure for Just Women. This piece is great for use by groups of any size, and is a part of Women Ministries’ “Night in a Bag” — a prepackaged meeting resource for the local church.

Donations to Project 2012 will:

  • bring the needed healing component to the AVA ministry via partnership with Mending the Soul
  • launch the new Covenant-developed resource to help local churches recognize and prevent human trafficking in their area
  • create the Just Women resources and opportunities for the year

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  1. Bernadette Kilian says:

    Meagan has a very comfortable style and has described the project in a way that makes it easily understood. The brief study on Lydia is excellent. Thank you!

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