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Preparing nurses in northwest Congo

Nurses are the backbone of health care in Equateur province, DR Congo. In the CEUM (Communaute Évangélique de l’Ubangi-Mongala) medical system, fewer than a dozen doctors are available, so much of the care depends on over 300 nurses spread throughout the 5 hospitals and 94 village clinics. Most of the clinics are staffed by nurses, with a doctor from the local reference hospital visiting periodically for oversight and resourcing.

The Institut Technique Medical is the nursing school operated by the CEUM, located in Karawa on the campus of the largest hospital. It offers a four-year technical program that is approximately equivalent to our RN degree, and had 62 students in 2011-12. Most are young men, though the number of women is slowly increasing. (Congolese girls and young women have fewer educational opportunities than boys and young men.) The school runs on the most threadbare of shoestrings. For most courses there is only one textbook that all students share. The learning lab–so important in learning the techniques of nursing–has very few furnishings. And many potentially fine nurses never even enter the school because they can’t pay the yearly tuition–$100.

Madeleine Ngbenzego Kafi, a fourth-year student at ITM, is married and has five children. Her education has meant sacrifices for her husband and family, and Madeleine works very hard. She does it because she wants to save lives. She also wants to be able to contribute to the support of her family.

It’s about time that someone show up and help–and we’re doing  just that.  The Paul Carlson Partnership has now launched a new initiative to raise funds for the school. The most urgent needs are for student scholarships, which cost $100 a year; books and other learning materials, costing $50 a year for one student; and room and board, costing $335 each year. Other needs include learning lab materials, solar-powered electricity, upgrades to the dormitories, and support for faculty salaries.

The Paul Carlson Partnership has been working hard to improve health conditions in northwest Congo for over 40 years. We began with an empty hospital in the village of Loko, donated by the Congolese government and named in memory of missionary doctor Paul Carlson. We now provide much of the operating support and pharmaceuticals for the entire CEUM medical system (including the hospital at Loko).


In an area where many of the people earn less than $100 in a year, the local staff have no hope of pulling off a project like this on their own. So we have committed to raise $500,000 over two years for the Karawa project–while continuing our annual $325,000 support to the system.

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of something that really, deeply matters, this is it!

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Special note to medical professionals: We invite you to consider joining the Paul Carlson Medical Ambassadors. Non-medical people with a strong interest in this area are also welco


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