Thursday Evening Worship Service

This worship service took place Thursday evening at the 2013 Covenant Midwinter Conference in San Diego, California. Kanyere Eaton gave the message during this service.



  1. Dennis Carlson says:

    This whole service was AWESOME! But is there anyway to pull out as a separte post the choir number? That was incredible! I did find it around the 35 minute mark, but it would be nice to be able to share a separate link for it. I am sre the same could be said for many elements of many of the services, so maybe it is asking too much. But again just to say, that was a POWERFUL piece of music!

    • jhavens says:

      Sure thing. We uploaded too much content this week so we’ll have to wait upload it until our video hosting account resets on Wednesday! Thanks for your interest!

      Take care,


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