Radical Reconciliation

Rev. Dr. Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Professor of Reconciliation Studies at Bethel University in St. Paul along with Rev. Dr. Allan Boesak, The Desmond Tutu Chair of Peace, Global Justice, and Reconciliation Studies at Butler University asked the question, “Can there be peace in this present age?”

The event was held in Isaacson Chapel at North Park Theological Seminary on Monday, October 21st. Following the discussion, students asked questions.


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  1. Steve C says:

    It seems to me, that we are led in Scripture to be aware that “Peace” is not going to increase, as the world becomes more selfish and distant from the Leadership of God.

    Rather, “Peace” comes finally, when God blows the whistle and kicks everyone out of this world, and Heaven ensues.

    “Justice” however, is worth pursuing, as long as those in Authority are yielding to the Will of God in their lives and judgements.

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