Take One: Camping Ministry

Association of Covenant Camps and Conference Center (A4C) board members discussed three main ways that camp changes lives—camp is transformational, camp develops leaders, and camp builds up churches and families. The online audience participated via live chat. To find a camp near you, click here.



  1. Doreen Olson says:

    GREAT job, y’all! I’m SO proud of our camping history, and I pray that God continues to work powerfully through our camping ministries. Grace, peace, and deep joy as you lead in this kingdom work!

  2. Jim Dekker says:

    Thanks for all of what you do. I have the privilage of hearing so many testimonies to the effectiveness of your ministries. Blessings.

  3. Joel Rude says:

    As the current president of the Association of Covenant Camps and Conference Centers, I would be very interested in hearing what any viewers think was left out of, or overstated in, this discussion; and any other questions regarding the Christian camping ministry and/or the relationships of our member camps with the Covenant and its local churches and conferences. It was our hope that this video would open up ongoing dialogue.

  4. Kris Anderson says:

    I think Bible Camp is a very vital experience, not just for kids, but for people of all ages. However, for children, I think it is a fabulous opportunity for them to hear about God in a way that church cannot. Some children hear and learn about God for the first time. Some make life decisions at camp. I continue to go to Bible Camp every summer because I am renewed an refreshed in my walk with God and I am glad to hear that the Covenant continues to lead children on the right path.

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