Living Reflections – Friday Evening Post

Luke Johnson heads out in the ballroom after worship and the mission center service on Friday, August 16th in San Diego, CA.



  1. Michael Jordan says:

    This is not the video that goes with the Friday evening post. This is the pre. Where is the post service interview?

  2. Michael Jordan says:

    Luke, what a great and important job you do. I am sure you think about this before, during and after you interview people–that you are just as much a part of God speaking to people as any other person or experience at events like this. Why? Because of what Judy shared tonight about what we retain. When we share what we heard with someone, the percentage of retention goes up and the likelihood that they are going to live it out goes up, and that is what a word from God is all about. You are helping people 1)accept a fact–God is speaking to us all the time and 2)reflect on what God is saying to us. People not only reflect while they are talking to you but they will reflect on their time with you long after you interview them. So keep asking people “What is God saying to you?” all the way until the prelude gets started!!! I just pray for you now also, “Lord, give Luke your eyes to see who you want to talk with. May he know that what he does much more than talking with people about their experience but rather he is your voice asking the people, like you did with Daniel after showing him a vision, ‘tell me what you see?’ Thank you for the gift he is and continue to use him in a powerful way. May it be you walking up and down the aisles with a microphone.” Blessings brother!

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