Water 1st Imagine

Imagine a world where 7000 children no longer die every day from preventable water related diseases, a world where women no longer have to carry their water miles for their families, where 5 million girls can attend school because they don’t have to carry water. Imagine.

Learn more on Covenant World Relief’s site at CovChurch.org/cwr.


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  1. JHP says:

    Much more than a media piece designed to tug on your heart strings, “Water 1st Imagine” is a powerful tool that evokes a response. The statistics are overpowering (e.g., “…7,000 children die every day due to water-bourne illness”), the images often heart wrenching (e.g., the 6(?)year-old girl being outfitted to carry her 25-lb water container) and, yet, the overall impression is one of empowerment. Like most multi-media devices designed to elicit a “call to action”, this video hits all of the emotional high and low points required to keep our attention. UNLIKE most multi-media devices, however, “Water 1st Imagine” leaves the viewers with a sense of vision, predicated on a sense that there is an organization in place, missional in purpose, precisely targeted to rescue those very poor that Jesus identified.

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