Word of Witness: Mark Chapman



  1. Meredith says:

    Great video Mark! To God be the glory, but also thank God that He sent you and Linda there. He’s doing great things through you for your community, and good things through the community for you!

  2. Genny Powell says:

    Wow, Mark. Who would have thought? I’m so glad God thinks of things that I can’t even imagine.

  3. judy schultz says:

    Mark, The quiet and humble spirit you display in this video is a glory to God. What could speak more about the works of the Lord than the attitude of submission and lifting others up that this video shows in you. I wish I was more articulate to praise the Lord adaquitly for His work in you and the church. Linda shines as your faithful helper etc. She is more than meets the eye.

  4. Rodger Jorgenson says:

    Pastor Mark. My wife, Helen, mentioned to me this video which our son, Paul, happened upon. The next time I went to the library, today, I opened this video on a computer and was fully blessed for more than today! It is truly a Wonder how God works, and our prayers surround you, the church board and congregation in this venture of faith and ministry. I first began to bring Sunday messages on Father’s Day, June 17, 1962, commuting from Willmar, Minnesota. I had been told LaBolt was a dying church in a dying community. It took only a short while of getting acquainted with the LaBolt reality to discover how wrongly I had been advised. The life – faith, enthusiasm, commitment, hope for the future – was deep and real. So when I was offered the pastorate in November of 1962, frightend but led, “Yes” was the response. When Helen and I and our children arrived in December of 1962, we knew we were home. I sense you have experienced the same awareness and blessing. Thanks you for your faithfulness, your vision, and your loving dedication to the vital ministry of LaBolt Covenant Church, and Congratulations! Rodger.

  5. Linda Chapman says:

    Rodger, I was reviewing these videos today and saw your comment for the first time. Thank you for that encouragement. We are moving to our new building site this fall. It has been an incredible, difficult, wonderful journey. Thank you to you and Helen for saying “Yes” those many years ago. The Holy Spirit still blows and His passion for saving and healing His people is moving and alive.

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