2017 Offering of Letters | CWR

This year’s annual Offering of Letters campaign through Bread for the World focuses on urging Congress to make funding decisions that put our country and the world on track to ending hunger by 2030. Our federal government funds and supports many anti-poverty and anti-hunger programs that help people stay out of poverty and thrive. These programs are the lifeline of millions of Americans who would otherwise fall into poverty or, if already in poverty, fall deeper. Other programs help those abroad feed themselves and live healthier and longer lives.

The 2017 Offering of Letters urges Congress to invest in and protect vital policies and safety-net programs—including WIC, global nutrition, SNAP, and refundable tax credits. Dismantling or cutting funding for such programs by the 115th Congress would take us backward and make the goal of ending hunger by 2030 unlikely.


Covenant World Relief is a partner of Bread for the World. CWR is the humanitarian aid ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Our mission is to love, serve, and work together with the poor, the powerless, and the marginalized. Learn more at CovChurch.org/cwr



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