Introductory Session: Covenant Affirmations and Our Common Christian Affirmations

Exploring Covenant Affirmations curriculum is a resource designed to help congregations learn more about the core beliefs, or affirmations, that have shaped the Evangelical Covenant Church. For additional Exploring Covenant Affirmations video, click here.

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  1. Andrew Vanover says:

    I’m very happy to see these videos available online now. I think people new to Thornapple Covenant and those who have been here for a long time will be more likely to view one or two of the affirmation videos online than to order or borrow the DVD. The net effect will be a greater shared identity. Thank you!

  2. Thomas Glander says:

    Great presentations all around. Just one thing every version of the scripture I have is specific in John 3:16 where you have the word shall is actually should. There is a definite difference.

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