Call to Racial Righteousness

Reflections from Covenanters on how three unique experiences have influenced their spiritual formation – including Sankofa, Journey to Mosaic, and Invitation to Racial Righteousness. Presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting.


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  1. Sharon Peterson says:

    Thanks to all in the Covenant who work toward Racial Righteousness. I have been on my own Sankofa Journey through my job in an agency of the African American community of my city. For 18 years I’ve been blessed to grow into intimate relationships with my colleagues who have trusted me enough to share what it feels like to be the descendent of slaves and live in black skin in the USA. Now my local church is considering what God may be calling us to do about something that breaks His Heart and therefore must break ours. If it could be Racial Righteousness, perhaps our congregation, in its entirety could take a Sankofa Journey right in our own city, with help from the Covenant and contacts we could find in our African American community.

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