Saturday Morning Message, Janine N. Davis

Janine N. Davis preaches Saturday morning during the 2013 Covenant Annual Meeting in Detroit, Michigan.



  1. Thelma e. Lawson says:

    Hello Janine, as you know I wasn’t there 🙁 I so wanted to be in the flesh and celebrate with you I hope you know my husband had surgery of course that week. However I kno God showed up big recieved so many good reports of what he is doing. Truly love the website and was able to hear your Words of encouragement. I am truly thankful for your time with WMCC last fall the women are still talking about it and are moving in their various ministries. But we are having some Job wifes moments. May our Father continue to keep His hands on you and your ministry.

  2. Great message Compassion Mercy and Justice meet people where there are it will cost you your time and talent how much is a soul worth. What seeds are we planting Lord help us. Preach gospel when necessary we should always show love. Love you Janine.

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