Better Together Series, Grace Covenant Church

Our vibrant denomination includes churches of nearly all ages, sizes, styles, ethnicities, and approaches to planning and leading worship. An interactive workshop at Midwinter 2011, titled Better Together: Worship Planning in Our Diverse Denomination, focused on several “case study” churches while inviting participants to share experiences from their own unique perspectives in an attempt to foster learning, connection, communication, and resourcing within our Covenant worship community.

Grace Covenant Church in Chicago, Illinois, was one of the five congregations whose worship planning we highlighted.


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  1. Jim Engwall says:

    What a thrill it was for me to see the exciting ministry of Grace through this video snapshot.
    For me, this is especially meaningful because I grew up at Grace (then known as Irving Park Covenant Church) where my grandmother was a charter member 100 years ago. I just wish grandma could walk into worship at Grace today — she would be thrilled seeing so many folks excited about Jesus and His word.

    Jim Engwall

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