Better Together: The Lunch

Members of the Better Together Facebook group for worship leaders met for lunch during the 2012 Midwinter Conference. Their conversation was streamed live on The online audience participated in the discussion through live text chat on and Facebook.

Transcript from Live Chat

Portions of this chat have been edited to make it clear and consise.

cov_church: We went live a little early. We hope you enjoy seeing some familiar faces. The conversation will begin shortly.
tcoyer: looking good everyone
jessperez: Looks like loads of fun!! HI INGRID!
kaliczi: hey there!
kaliczi: Hi Lisa!
cov_church: thrilling stuff, right? 🙂
tcoyer: that salad looks delicious
tcoyer: i have to say…matt nightengale looks good
jessperez: I’m kinda glad you’re not zooming in on me taking a bite. Looks awesome!
kaliczi: there’s Matt!
tcoyer: don johnson..thanks for the pic of the rest of the room
kaliczi: Hey Geoff!!
PAPhil: looks like they all got the memo to wear trending worship leader glasses
PAPhil: 🙂 haha
kaliczi: lol
bobannister: Eating my Chic-Fil-A with you guys!
pastor jeannette: Its almost like being there!!!
kaliczi: refilling my coffee…
tcoyer: no fair bo….i need to move someplace with a chic fil a
bobannister: right back at you Matt
bobannister: so yummy
tcoyer: is matt anderson going for the Mac Powell look?
kaliczi: I’m imagining I’m eating a chic-fil-a and enjoying a sweet tea…
LEk: ha! I made a Mac Powell comment to someone last night!
Keith: Hi Andrew
LEk: either Mac or Jesus
bobannister: Ready!
kaliczi: hi!!!!!!!
tcoyer: wish i could be there with you all
kaliczi: Hi Luann!
malujojaemza: Hi! I’m actually working from home today and doing laundry
cov_church: Hi Luann!
pastor jeannette: Hi Doreen!!
RPWilkens: Thanks for all you do for us, Doreen! Great to be with you all, even if it has to be from 2,000 miles away!
jessperez: I’m in a meeting with my computer muted….I bet Matt is saying great things!
RPWilkens: HI
bobannister: I’ve stolen wonderful ideas from you all this past year!
PaulPhipps: Hi Matt! Looking forward to being there in person next year! Blessings, Paul
tcoyer: sorry 🙁
ajbfoot: Greetings all.
pastor jeannette: awesome news to have resources on line!
th007: that is awesome news
bobannister: I’m clapping by myself – weird
ggluepke: Gee, I hope Geoff Twigg will put all those training options on our facebook sight so we can all find out about them
DanSchuttler: Kent Covenant is watching!!
bobannister: We’ll have to try watching sometime. Tell me how it turns out.
Lunchroom: Brian Borin is my favorite
Lunchroom: David Greco says hi
Lunchroom: This is Geoff – yes, I’ll put training ideas on the BT page
kaliczi: Geoff is Lunchroom? lol
RPWilkens: That would be a vegetarian lunchroom!
kaliczi: 😀
Lunchroom: yes, it’s typecasting! Hi Kim.
kaliczi: hey!
Lunchroom: Yep, all veggie.
kaliczi: it’s so great to see everyone in “person”
jim condap: hello Geoff!
kaliczi: hey condap!
Lunchroom: hey jim!
jim condap: don’t worry my friend, the camera does not add 10 lbs.
jim condap: maybe 7 1/2
Lunchroom: more like 15
Jim condap: I’ll be out there tomorrow
Lunchroom: looking forward to it!
ajbfoot: I like old people….
cov_church: We do too
cov_church: All people
ajbfoot: moth balls
kaliczi: amen, Chris!
Lunchroom: Max Butler, everyone…
PAPhil: There are Covenant churches that are liturgical and not as “modern” that have many young people in them (primarily young people) who love that because they are longing for a richness of the history
ggluepke: Please give us some examples of different worship languages, so I know what mine is and what new ones to try
PAPhil: of the experience of worship that has stood the test of time
PAPhil: something that isn’t lights and cameras, etc.
PAPhil: and they are young and very aware and still postmodern
tcoyer: (raised hand)
RPWilkens: (raised hand)
bobannister: (kind of)
ajbfoot: raised hand
kaliczi: only once…thankfully
ggluepke: we can’t hear any of the comments off mike
ajbfoot: But like Duke Ellington said, there are two kinds of country music…
DanSchuttler: This is so fantastic! 20 years ago, the few worship leaders in the Covenant who were brave enough to come to Midwinter would huddle quietly in the hotel lobby and comiserate together and wonder when worship ministry would get its due! the dream is coming true!
bobannister: I want a blues church!
mattkennedyrosecov: raising my hand
bobannister: Please repeat whatever they say!
cov_church: Will do
jim condap: blues brothers at the country bar, “we got both kinds, country and western”
cov_church: Also trying to adjust the mic mix
cov_church: Let us know if this sounds better
th007: it’s better
th007: thanks
cov_church: You’re welcome!
PAPhil: re my comments above too, liturgical/high church doesn’t have to mean stuffy, boring, constricted
Lunchroom: true.
DanSchuttler: Dan – old buddy!!
DanSchuttler: the few, the proud, the old guys!!
tcoyer: i don;t think any of us intends to say that liturgical/high church is stuffy and boring
kaliczi: there are many times I find liturgical to be refreshing, actually.
bobannister: “Worse Apart”
cov_church: amen…there are young churches thriving actually in the covenant that are liturgical
DanSchuttler: Thanks for the shout out, Mr. Johnson!
PAPhil: amen! that’s what i’m talking about
PAPhil: drwaing from the rich tradition
RPWilkens: Hi, Neighbor!
ajbfoot: NPC!!!
th007: the l/r balance has changed and it’s all L as far as sound goes
kaliczi: Ooooo…Better Together, a Worship Book!
mattkennedyrosecov: Great idea, Sarah!
cov_church: nice
bobannister: The speakers are better together
Lunchroom: so… can we agree on definitions for our keywords?
bobannister: And add them to urban dictionary
ggluepke: what is Jesus juking?
beneash: I’m usually better alone, but… what is Jesus Juke..
bobannister: It’s totally Celtic liturgy
kaliczi: Matt – Jesus Juke def please!
Lunchroom: bringing a light-hearted conversation down by taking it to ‘serious religious’…
cov_church: There are resources available for everyone. Dropbox is not private.
beneash: right… should have checked SCL first.
bobannister: It’s amazing!
kaliczi: haha, ben
th007: awesome thank you!!
beneash: “better alone” will be the conversation for worshipping introverts
cov_church: haha
cov_church: jesus juke!
jim condap: thanks for doing this. see ya tomorrow.
cov_church: Thanks everyone for joining us!
RPWilkens: Thank you!
ajbfoot: Great to see ya’ll.
Lunchroom: welcome – God bless you!
cov_church: See you back here tonight at 7pm CST. Have a great day! Peace.
kaliczi: God is good, by everyone! Have a great day!!
DanSchuttler: Amen and amen!
th007: looking forward to the evening session!! Thanks Covenant Family!
bobannister: I don’t want to stop!
tcoyer: gone mid prayer—burn
bobannister: Ouch!
cov_church: come on back tonight!
th007: we have been cut off



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    I just wish it could have been possible to capture all the chat sidebar comments from this event!

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