Break the Chains: Fight Human Trafficking

Modern-day slavery respects no borders. Therefore, it will take a sustained concerted abolition movement to end slavery once again. You may not have known this before, but now you do. You can be part of this movement. Learn more about the Evangelical Covenant Church’s fight against human trafficking here.


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  1. Karen Helgesen says:

    Break the Chains has taken a stand against this crime of human trafficking. More is yet to be done. I hope churches will allow their congregations to see this film and discuss ways we can join together as a grassroots movement to say no to these atrocities. It is our most basic human right to be free. And if more people are enslaved today than in the days before the Emancipation Proclamation, then we are doing something wrong. Currently my women’s study is trying to get our church to adopt Freedom Sunday on February 26th. For more information go to Please pray that our Faith Covenant in Burnsville, MN and other churches will awaken to the need to act.

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