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  • Triennial XV: QUENCH Promo

    Triennial XV: QUENCH Promo RECHARGE • REFRESH • RENEW Journey together as women of the Covenant to an intentional spiritual adventure where we connect with God and one another across generations, cultures, geography, and life experience. Triennial is meaningful worship, thought-provoking speakers, challenging learning experiences, heart-pumping excursions, life-altering spiritual experiences, and opportunities to take next steps in addressing injustice in our world. covchurch.org/triennial/

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  • What Does the Bible Say about Women in Ministry?

    What Does the Bible Say about Women in Ministry?

    North Park Theological Seminary Professors Klyne Snodgrass, Professor of New Testament, and Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom, Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics, discuss Jesus’s view of women and the key biblical passages on women in ministry. This video was created for Exploring the Call, a discernment retreat for women exploring a call to ministry. Exploring the Call was developed for the 2013 conference of women of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Triennial XIV. For more information on Women Ministries, please click here.

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  • AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse)

    AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse)

    This powerful video explains the prevalence of domestic violence and childhood sexual assault and invites congregations to get involved in advocating for the prevention of abuse while supporting those who are dealing with its effects. For more information, email to wmc(at)covchurch.org.

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  • Word of Witness: Christi Pease

    Word of Witness: Christi Pease

    Christi Pease gave a word of witness during the Saturday evening worship service at Triennial XIV in San Diego, California.

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