CHIC Speaker Follow-Up: Louie Giglio

This is a message from Louie Giglio encouraging CHIC 2012 students now that they are back home.


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  1. Clare Bourne says:

    Hi! I was a parent volunter at CHIC this year and I LOVED your message!!! You and Chris were so on the money, so to speak. All of you speakers made such an impression on us adults as well as the students. In our group of 51 we wrote down the 5 questions and talked about them on our drive back home. Thank you for making this short video to remind us what our call is and what we should be doing. I like how you said work through me. I hadn’t thought of it like that, that God is really working through me. I am letting Him do just that. Thank you again for blessing us that Thursday night.
    Peace be with you!

    Clare Bourne

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