Frequently Asked Questions about CovChurch.tv


I can’t seem to play any of the videos. What am I doing wrong?
Try restarting your browser and then try playing the video again. If the video still doesn’t play, try updating your browser (Covenant Media Services recommends using Chrome or Firefox) and update to the current version of Adobe Flash Player. We believe this will solve a majority of the problems.

Am I able to use CovChurch.tv on my mobile device?
The majority of the videos posted on here are mobile-ready, meaning they should play with or without Adobe Flash on most mobile devices. We have tested it on the iPhone, iPad, iPod-touch, and it has worked for us. If you experience any issues using CovChurch.tv on a mobile device, please let us know through our contact form.

I’d like to submit a video. How do I go about doing that?
We have a page set up specifically for submitting videos. Assuming it follows our standards, we’d love to add your church or ministry video to CovChurch.tv and give credit to the responsible parties. We’d love to have you submit a url where we could watch it, an appropriate title and description. Please submit your video here.

How do I download a video from CovChurch.tv?
Most of our videos are hosted on vimeo.com and are available to download and use offline. Simply go to the video(s) on CovChurch.tv that you want to download and click the Vimeo logo in the lower-right corner of the video(s). You’ll be taken to the video’s page on vimeo.com. Under the video’s description, click on the “Download” tab. (You no longer need a Vimeo account to download videos from vimeo.com!) Select the version (high definition, standard definition, mobile resolution, or, if available, the original video file) of the video you’d like and download it to your computer. You may have to right-, alt-, or option-click and select “Save target as” or “Download linked file as” from the contextual menu depending on what operating system and browser you are using.

NOTE: Videos that Covenant Media Services did not create or are not hosted on vimeo.com may not be available for download.

I saw one of your live webcasts on CovChurch.tv and I wanted to participate in the chat, but I didn’t want to have to log in or make an account to do so.
You no longer need to log in or create an account to chat during live webcasts on CovChurch.tv. Just pick a nick name and start chatting!

NOTE: If you are early for a webcast, you may find the chat room is set to moderator-only mode and see a login button below the chat window. Don’t worry, prior to the start of the live webcast, the moderator will open the chat room at which point you’ll be able to start chatting.

If I missed a live webcast, is there a way to watch a recorded version somewhere?
Absolutely. Archived versions of all of our live webcasts can be found here.