We Are Precious in His Sight

Note: This was a simulcast of a webinar named, “We Are Precious in His Sight: Youth Ministry, the Gospel and the Continuing Significance of Race in America” hosted by the Center for Youth Ministry Studies at North Park University.

Reactions to the recent events in Ferguson, MO and implications for the church and the future of youth ministry featuring Pastor Phil Jackson, Kathy Khang, Anthony Nocella II, Michael Novelli, Soong-Chan Rah, Efrem Smith, Romal Tune, Sandra Van Opstal, Liz VerHage, Amy Williams and moderated by Daniel White Hodge.



  1. Thelma Lawson says:

    I am grateful for the conversation. However I am so tired of talking about the great racial divide that continues in not only in our communities. Our Churches are divided we come and worship together and go back to our own communities. It begans in the home and pours into the schools, jobs etc. We really need to not live superficially as if all is well cumbi yah. Though I am hopeful because of God I deal with the reality we live in a world of great divide. We don’t have the intimate conversations. We say don’t talk Politics but how many were appauled at how congress addressed the President OF The United States and people say its not because he is black? And now it is being uncovered. That a blanket has just been removed to show us as a people where people really are.

  2. Bonnie T. Summers says:

    Thelma Lawson, thank you for speaking out. I’m grateful for the conversation too, listening, learning, looking, trusting we’ll find better ways.

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