Friday Morning Sermon, Sameh Maurice

Sameh Maurice preaches Friday morning during the 2013 Covenant Midwinter Conference in San Diego, California.



  1. Alice Lee says:

    Muslims: “We have been ordered to hate you.” Pastor Maurice: “We have been ordered to love you.”
    “Go and love your enemy more than their hatred”
    Thank you for reflecting Jesus’ love!
    And thanks for streaming and recording this; we had to catch a flight and missed the live session.

  2. safy says:

    I am so grateful that Pastor Sameh came from Egypt to share with us the incredible work God is doing through the Church ministry in Cairo Egypt.
    We the Covenant family will be praying for you and your staff.
    You blessed us and inspired us .
    I pray that we take the message to heart and love them and pray for them , then speak the truth of the Gospel .

  3. Nancy Stevens says:

    Doug and I have shared this message of unconditional love exhibited by our brothers and sisters in Egypt with many people in our lives since the conference. Also, the story of the Muslim man who wanted to be baptized. I am using his example in a message about Paul’s fierce commitment to sharing the Good News wherever he went in spite of the risk to his own life. What causes this fearless resolve?

    “Have you seen Him?”

    Thank you, Pastor Maurice!

  4. Christine A. Jones says:

    What a blessing to hear this message that strikes to the heart. With love, prayer and truth to breakdown strongholds…Egyptian Christians are such a rebuke, challenge – and a blessing – to we in the US who are of such little faith. God bless and multiply the ministry of Pastor Maurice.

  5. Salim Batri says:

    I have not heard such an encouraging message for a long time. The banner of Truth cannot be proclaimed in a more clear way, especially fo Middle Eastern people. Love your enemies, and you can win them through prayers, and conquering strongholds by the Word which is our only weapon and hope to win those who are still living in darkness, to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Blessings, we shall continue praying for your ministry and the Church in the Middle East.

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