Stefan Fritz on the Human Circles of Protection Campaign

Stefan Fritz speaks to Covenant Media Services on November 16, 2011 about the North Park University Justice League (@NPJusticeLeague) and their partnership with the Sojourners’ Circle of Protection campaign.



  1. Bill Fritz says:

    Stefan, I’m so proud of your willingness to follow in the path of Jesus and seek justice for those who are underserved and have no voice or monetary influence in government. It’s been said that you can tell the character of a country by how they treat their poor. Our country has lost it’s moral high ground and is slipping into a country that is more interested in dollars than people. Keep up the good work! My prayers are always with you.

  2. LInda Chapman says:

    I will use that concept personally and corporately….”a budget is a moral document”. A powerfully motivating message to act justly.

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