Word of Witness: Christi Pease

Christi Pease gave a word of witness during the Saturday evening worship service at Triennial XIV in San Diego, California.


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  1. What a blessing Christi Pease has been to me along with Phyllis. I had a serious struggle with my health and yet they encouraged me the entire weekend. I felt bad I couldn’t do more they kept reassuring me there will be a next time. I was able to attend second training and Karen Hearl sat in the back of the room and simply listened and smile. Not knowing that would be the last time she would be a pat of finding our compass how fitting of a title seeing she gave us true direction her entire tenure. Christi is walking in her steed with the same enthusiasm. God Bless you Christi as we continue on this journey we have been called to I pray we leave a lasting legacy as Karen has through choosing you. Your Sister in Christ Thelma

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