Saturday Evening Message, Judy Peterson

Judy Peterson preaches Saturday evening at Triennial XIV in San Diego, California.



  1. IRMA says:

    Doy Gracia a Dios por la interpretacion de la palabra de
    Dios y su testimonio. Toco mi vida y que Dios le siga usando.

  2. Taiko in Oakland says:

    Dear Pastor Judy, thank you for your work shop, thank you for your preach, thank you for your sharing. Every time when I listen your words, I hear God’s answer for my prayer. I am also thankful for the God’s hug through you. I continue to pray for you, Jeff and your children here on Earth as in Heaven. One tight hug with much love.

  3. Steve Ashford says:

    Pastor Judy this message was sent from God for me too. Thank you for being faithful.

  4. Pastor Judy – I have listened to your message three times since I heard it live at Triennial XIV, and passed it on via email and facebook countless times.

    My soil has been disturbed since August and God keeps churning it up. It is a gloriously scary process, and I love it. Thank you so much for being inhabited by the Holy Spirit and obedient to his work in you and through you.

    Your vulnerability about the loss of your children has had a profound impact on me. And it has been my joy to share your story with many women who have lost their precious babies.

    May you continue to walk in your anointing. Blessings, Cheryl

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