AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse)

This powerful video explains the prevalence of domestic violence and childhood sexual assault and invites congregations to get involved in advocating for the prevention of abuse while supporting those who are dealing with its effects.

For more information, email to wmc(at)covchurch.org.



  1. A picture is worth a thousand word will show at fall retreat and every LT meeting until it is a part of our DNA to share with others. Thanking God for Yvonne DeVaughn, Dawn Price and all the new inquiries.

  2. Jacque Swanson says:

    The Women Ministries of First Covenant-Rockford will show this video on Sunday, October 12 in our worship service. We’ve designated October 12 as AVA/Awareness Sunday. We will have the AVA brochure inserted in every worship bulletin, and other printed materials available. Thank you for having these materials, DVD’s, speakers, and support for this extremely important issue. <

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