Youth Connection 2011 Living Reactions

Ambassadors make two promises:

  • Financially support the Paul Carlson medical work through an annual gift at a level that for them is significant, plus optional additional gifts during the year
  • Spread the word of the organization and our medical programs

Optional ways to participate using medical expertise include:

  • Offer Internet consultation to Congolese doctors
  • Help sponsor a Congolese doctor to come to the U.S. for a short term
  • Serve on a volunteer medical team traveling to Congo for 2-3 weeks of teaching
  • Watch for potential sources for donated medical equipment

Ambassadors themselves can benefit in several ways:

  • Make a direct, significant difference in the lives of people who most need it
  • Receive news and information to follow our progress
  • Form relationships with Congolese medical professionals
  • Attend occasional, optional events for learning and fellowship


Leaders of the Medical Ambassadors:

Byron Miller
Byron Miller

Executive Director and President, the Paul Carlson Partnership

Dr. Eric Gunnoe


Roger ThorpeDr.
Roger Thorpe

Honorary National Chair


Mary Stockmeyer

Membership Manager

If you have any questions, just email ambassadors(at)

To join the Ambassadors, follow the link in the sidebar to join online. Or send your name, address, email address, phone number, and professional specialty to Paul Carlson Medical Ambassadors, 8303 W. Higgins Rd., Chicago, IL 60631. We invite you to consider sending an initial contribution with your membership.



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